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crows7517608: @collective78 I should be spending more time with my friends.
booking86311: @porn72500168 We feel gratified with likes and comments on our social media posts and feel let down if nobody notices.
hive68043076: Ahoy! Anyone from Avon on this social network? #avon
noted7957397: Followers of this religion believe Moroni was the last of the Nephite prophet- historians #quickquiz
milan9164610: @followed6133 In other words, the process of identification takes encounters with the outside world and places them inside in order to create new ego structures. #yoga
tobacco76323: All those supposed benefits it offered you have just become hindrances, and you're ready to move on.
boronia22669: @neighborhood It is best to practice in a quiet setting, where you are comfortable and not easily disturbed. #style
democratic54: @colors379479 Like humour, to which it is related, the switch from absolute truth to proto-truth is a key element in the new meta-system. #wellness
sionesini957: Stevie Nicks sang and if you see my reflection in the snow-covered hills, this will bring it down #quickquiz
carpenter173: You can ride the Jasper Tramway to over 7,500 feet up in this Canadian province #quickquiz
kiss30085125: @conferences1 Just one week will be enough, because so many things are passing by.
scheduled601: Hello. I'm from Ammanford. Anyone else from this neck of the woods? #ammanford
substantiall: Hi. Good to see you all.
keks72623852: @renewal80652 Doing so improves how she feels and often leads to her behaving in a more functional way.
shower600691: @satisfactory Then over time, something changed.
brutal439716: @municipal628 Fіnd ways іn whісh уоu саn apply persuasion іn уоur everyday lіfе.
wu3131112373: @payments4886 A time out, a vacation taken at just the right time, the needed interval for one wound to heal before the next wound is inflicted can be critical to ... #wellbeing
tipsy5843015: Make a killing: H is for... #quickquiz
independentl: If we find that you have some long-standing problems that you want to work on, it could take longer.
table9343928: @selestewa786 Insurance companies are piloting the use of pharmacogenetics in mental health claims, because for them when it comes to prolonged searches for the ri... #thatslife
june35931254: @lean58563716 If the great Russian novelist meant that to live is only to suffer, he was too pessimistic. #healthy
rn9916260548: But once you've shifted into it, the parasympathetic needs fuel in order to run.
neerabup8276: @approximatel The first time she wore shoes that gave her feet room enough the muscles of her feet hurt her so that she could hardly walk. #covid
navigator833: @memories3830 It was a relief to know that my past challenges lined up with a good gut diet.
chat80877773: @innaloo34120 Often defensive behaviors are determined as much by the other person as by the subject.
insider23403: @nipples33799 It's the same thing with training your mind. #meditation
period106506: @logged655106 But replication is the hallmark of science.
clinic816598: @professor886 Fruit should be analyzed case by case.
temple585368: @griffin45369 This can be challenging as there's not much emphasis placed on dependability, credibility, or regard for responsibility in a chaotic or dysfunctional... #consciousness
writer806411: @listings8723 In my own experience, I ve found so many spiritual teachings and practices to help with this, from loving-kindness meditation to mantra repetition to...
pac898674130: @antique85054 Tеmрlе Grаndіn, аn аutіѕtіс. #liveinspired
skirts433198: @kinda1677316 We also have values that guide us through our day-to-day engagements with one another as well as our involvement in the undertaking of personal commun... #music
won416312931: @shorter57311 It also, he suggests, gives us the impression of a self that is moving through time. #selflove
uncle1972493: Aloha. How’s your day going?
asks57648180: @comm52018869 It’s as if your awareness is on a fence and you can shift your focus from one side to the other, or sit right on the fence so you can experience bo... #holisticwellness
bg7523343753: It's a piece of metal put in an electrical circuit to melt if current flow is too high #quickquiz
legislation2: Our bodies will begin to wear down, as will our minds, our spirits, and all other aspects of our health.
health978340: @collins13241 Genuine mental health arises from compassionate, mindful inquiry into conditioned mind (sankhāra-khandha) and its afflictive mind states (P: kilesa ... #facebook
treasurer350: @conducted342 This is why chiropractic can be such a valuable addition to a holistic treatment plan to enhance lung function, build immunity, and support the body'... #healthyhappylife
flinders9207: @framed667162 Or are your words sourced from fear, cynicism, judgment, and resignation?
overall42803: @boutique8231 It is the aim of the techniques of lateral thinking. #energy
houston56305: @beta78064801 Love is the merging of subject and object. #yoga
quest3499956: @loading40366 Next step was being able to reach a level of calm where I can actually think clearly in that moment and formulate a coherent response! #healthandwellness
generous6440: @elanora78498 The tradition that drew Damien to Magick and is the root of his teaching is called the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.
javascript24: @committees21 It can be hard to judge the strength of your community before it's been put to the test—there are plenty of people who will be there for you only w... #diva
egyptian9890: Hi there. I'm from Henley-on-thames. Anyone else from this neck of the woods? #henley-on-thames
too743681446: When blood returns to the lungs through the alveolar capillaries after it has circulated throughout the body, it contains very little oxygen.
backup622359: @ntsc99123991 While breaking down complex tasks into smaller steps is intuitive, many high functioning people often neglect to think about the accompanying emotion... #nature
corp25405222: @aside9692395 Sure, there are fascinating tales of people harnessing their brain's plasticity to recover from major brain injuries, but to my knowledge there was n... #thatslife
chrysler8685: @comfortable5 You may notice the mind labeling sounds: ‘car,' ‘heating system,' ‘voices.' If you notice labeling, just let the mind be drawn once again to so... #bhfyp
amphitheatre: @ministry5679 As with many men in the Study, the death of a parent catalyzed Penn's psychosocial maturation and his return to seeking social supports through organ... #mindboggling
lcd331908207: @amsterdam115 The heart is a midway station. #give
canal7833049: @appears87560 The structure is not a restricting one but a liberating one. #diva
theater65202: @complaints64 But in the shorter term, the goal must be to increase the menu of evidence-based programs available for treating specific disorders. #selfcare
freiman71300: @optimization Success over phobias occurs once the individual survives their worst fears and realizes it was based on their new, adaptive coping skills. #healthyliving
balls3682993: Hey! Anyone else here from Henley-on-thames? #henley-on-thames
nambucca5412: @gourmet80543 There are no limits to what you can include. #thatslife
adds45171687: This firm began in 1897 as Nippon Gakki Company, an organ manufacturer; electronic organs came along in 1959 #quickquiz
aboriginal27: @indicates903 Practice bare awareness of the breath beginning in the body: the upwelling impulse to breathe, the satisfaction of taking air in and its effortless m... #wellpreneur
cut201929452: Whazzup? How’s your day?
charm6464747: @nail65985734 So you notice stuff a lot more, Megan explained. #thatslife
ad8157508465: @teams6712891 That's a good start. #healingjourney
warranty7068: Hey! Everything OK?
bear86152805: @davidson8415 The purpose of this is to desensitize you to rejection. #holistic
toxic4295142: Ciao! What's happening?
belize924874: @savings85942 She stayed even though she was regularly threatened and harassed. #meetup
webb63107645: The only evidence of an indigenous form of writing in Polynesia comes from this island known for giant statues #quickquiz
mercury83342: @incorporated Open all your senses; see and hear what passes before you, around you, inside you.
heights29048: Discovered in 1901, a single colony of these canines of the Western U.S. contained about 400 million individuals #quickquiz
treasury6535: @aggressive52 She said she was afraid to be honest with him out of fear that he would retaliate by verbally assaulting her.
canadian3238: @unlimited117 The times are finally demanding it of each of us.
florrie68639: @soft72724254 Every time you really admire someone, ask yourself what qualities they have that you would like to incorporate in yourself and then do just that.
coordinator6: @keyboards317 What's the benefit from this little study of the street car passengers? #meditation
speakers9642: @poarch972954 I have seen overwhelming positive effects of stress management in the lives of people whose stress levels threatened to drive them over the edge.
unfortunatel: @czech2449871 What would happen if we discarded the concept of absolute truth?
identical509: It precedes dance, laugh or flop (5) #quickquiz
national4582: The Mom and Me Cookbook tells how to put faces on these with typical toppings (olive noses! tomato eyes!) #quickquiz
schedules200: Hey man! What’s shaking in Henley-on-thames? Anyone from there? #henley-on-thames
dramatically: In this section we shall look at five easy steps that can provide the transition stage into the new meta-system.
ferguson7509: @artificial57 start impossible during the worst times of my illness. #healthylifestyle
luna24922631: @desktops4289 This interest network is relevant to professional counselors, counselor educators, new professionals, as well as graduate students. #nature
cross7696763: @testament571 You go on dancing and dancing and dancing and a moment comes of such ecstasy, of such extreme movement of energy, that in that movement the rock-like...
investment83: @smoking97521 Even when a part of you is holding on to the memory of failure and feelings of low self-esteem, start making leadership decisions, using your new hum...
aquatic93990: In the 1850s, minister Elizabeth Comstock helped make Rollin, Michigan an active stop on this route #quickquiz
entered94208: @clermont3980 Her husband picked her up at the airport and proceeded to drive over the most terrifying bridge in their area. #love
ties69910233: @woronora8831 The study proposed that 66.6% of dieters didn't lose weight over five years dieting all the way and in some cases even gained more weight.
billing22710: No one has ever called me useless before.
shelby224974: @abu752762090 As soon as I learned those skills to turn off my inner emergency mode, I started to get back a sense of control. #higherself
latvia297146: @publications Thank your mother for joining you today and discuss what you found there. #wild
apache443572: My spiritual path is based on service.
awards109047: @bicycle33742 The Discomfort Zones
promises5344: @botanist9027 But you have to work with the differences. #helpme
belize924874: @compute61661 mobilizes youth in an unprecedented way as allies, supports, and advocates. #raiseyourvibrations
tutorial2230: Lady, Be Good! was the first show he wrote in full collaboration with his brother Ira #quickquiz
perhaps32821: @push19001539 If a man is at ease with himself then he will be at ease with the world and he will be happy. #mindfulness
gambling6814: @instance7011 This has become a ritual for me. #together
gi3785197436: Exаggеrаtе the scenario аѕ уоu please.
surprised311: Ahoy social media mates! How’s your day going?
currently896: Hey bro! How are you all holding up?
lover9575968: I want you to know that if I can do it, you can do it.

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