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coach6990409: These body cavities can contain blood or can be hollow, as in the bones around the nose #quickquiz
continue7277: Ahoy! Well, look at you.
siefken61486: @oaklands1870 Habits, such as brushing your teeth or preparing coffee or tea in the morning, make it easier to do routine tasks without having to think about them ... #justbreathe
attached5742: @exposure2604 Emissions costs are also strongly affected by which catch method is employed, and there are often several catch methods used for each kind of fish.
caves6472836: Loudly demanding only ketchup & no mustard at your meals in this capital of Burgundy... bad idea #quickquiz
appointment5: @hebrew314295 0%.9 #facebook
moved5558973: @tates7674422 Once you get used to the lying-down practice, you will develop the ability to notice as you go about your life. #diva
icq241260376: @chrome638231 If you have a friend who is struggling with their mental health but really has no money at all to buy the basic items they need to go for a forest wa... #moan
clearly79438: @burke5801994 If Talisa starts talking and doesn't stop, what can I do? #meetup
things139975: @sean63888271 The job that was listed was the one he ended up taking.
ip3506576865: Hey dude! Nice to see you all.
objective324: Precision is an invitation to stay with the breath and bring the focus back to the breath when the mind wanders and gets distracted.
tarong525031: What’s up buttercup? Long time no see.
oto551281808: @gulf47122096 If budget is an issue, you can try contacting an endometriosis foundation to see if they are able to financially assist you or if they know of doctor...
fo6402191336: @marilyn19659 Thеѕе rерrеѕеntаtіоnѕ саn bе then brоkеn down furthеr іntо ѕubjесtіvе ѕubdіvіѕіоnѕ called ѕubmоdаlіtіеѕ.
pencil856343: @hotels892168 According to their studies so far, six weeks should be long enough for my brain to adapt, if indeed it is going to. #greenlifestyle
reflections3: But ongoing experiments have continued to support the initial findings, not as theory but as indisputable fact.
outlined3581: @accordingly7 Keeping a log of your weekly activities and observing how you feel, positively or negatively, will also help you hone in on the activities that best ... #healthylifestyle
paraguay8975: Sit in stillness and write what you feel.
damsel308206: Nestle began making this in 1904; they claim to make the very best of it #quickquiz
beast5979217: @valence65490 These paths can be new strategies and procedures or new materials and resources—whatever is needed to get there. #healingjourney
paso88795899: @century83587 Even if your task is huge and long and painful, say to yourself that you will do the most ridiculously inconsequential amount of work on it, just the... #wellnessblogger
excel2931628: @reproductive In my own practice [instead of talking about antidepressants], Ive spent a lot of time discussing approaches that the patient might have found helpfu...
babe88553116: @provincial25 Guided imagery is often used in therapies related to depression and anxiety disorders. #raiseyourvibration
halloween377: @contain44659 My second year living in Los Angeles, I was living by myself for the first time ever, had just been through a major breakup, and made a rather impuls... #beautiful
edgar9545589: Whazzup? How are things in Cornwall? #cornwall
greensboro63: @paper4893178 And they do it with a smile on their face.
placer681245: @anaheim48352 I have a meditation app on my phone that I use a ton. #wild
thee95879696: @howard140486 Show interest in what I'm thinking.
brunei572037: @bookconnect1 Take note of thoughts that are demeaning, unkind, suicidal, or begin with the words ‘should', ‘could.' If you are ruminating about a past event, ...
biology50790: @modems423041 Oz asked for a volunteer willing to have Nemeh treat her onstage. #mindbodyspirit
enforcement2: @brick1786923 In your heart of hearts, what does your soul crave that your mind may not be aware of yet? #energy
perfect73120: Referring to its hair color, the dominant male within a group of gorillas is called this #quickquiz
victoria1587: @session80341 Accountability is a crucial social skill because it shows others that you are responsible for yourself, your actions, and your words.
florist98538: @carlsruhe839 Convinced the government is trying to silence you?
official3573: In astronomy the barycenter is the center of mass of 2 bodies, usually one doing this in relation to the other #quickquiz
permission29: @cosmetic3181 He had recently started to experience panic attacks at the very thought of the upcoming legal process. #spirituality
gun737723650: @electrical57 Choose your intervals wisely. #university
glance550942: @uri319840743 All of this allowed me to contribute to my loved ones even more. #holisticliving
house1679643: @une373968918 When the second chakra is out of balance, your creativity might feel either stagnant/stuck or hyperactive/neurotic, you'll find little to no boundari...
wansbrough80: @uniform47468 So far this section has dealt with an overall or average life-space map which an individual ought to be able to draw for himself. #energy
password1856: Meditation will also help you to be more self-aware.
aqua67802356: Sup? What's up in Leatherhead? #leatherhead
turner481315: @more71105208 Especially during childhood, when the microbiome is being colonized for the years to come, it's important not to wipe out the diversity of species by... #art
ministry5679: @i28119498150 And that's another crucial difference.
documentatio: @hitachi82726 Cue white panic and flop sweats.
horn35810898: @valium225767 Instead, the only passengers who are affected by the announcement are those who are inclined to perceive themselves as trapped. #balance
immediate180: @dover1206296 By being open to wild ideas and questioning assumptions, they developed the Skycouch. #transformation
controversy9: Hunted at night by summer campers, but never found, it's actually a real bird related to the sandpiper #quickquiz
vcr457270369: @accordance26 It is only because we are so used to considering truth as absolute that proto-truth seems worthless.
shots5916180: @changelog688 Why do I feel the need to count calories? #wellnessblogger
phases971125: How do you do? What’s shaking in Aberdeenshire? Anyone from there? #aberdeenshire
revenge69377: @mods84251660 Id caught a taxi to the stables as Id left it so late to get out of the house.
rx8013431585: @boats6228326 For a company to be independent, it must be running under the guidance of a stable structure, organizational culture, and teams.
loc630869367: @tb8532581764 Some mantras can be translated, but many are chosen for the sound they make when we recite them repeatedly. #selfhelp
acquisition3: @higher531390 He did know.
fults5058724: Yоu can readily аdорt thе ѕо саllеd blасk орѕ mеthоdѕ uѕеd bу сultѕ аnd dісtаtоrѕhірѕ.
nutritional4: Hello. Anyone else here from Kent? #kent
poultry68551: @vanessa42434 Id come here hoping to connect with myself, and instead Id been drawn to a tree that was secretly dead. #moan
tries5105970: Boastful buffoon stock character from commedia dell'arte; will you do the fandango? #quickquiz
prospect7454: @architecture It was hard to disconnect from my life experiences, because I thought it was just attached to legitimate life changes and circumstances. Yes, this is... #open
bomb11750676: @organization Those who саn undеrѕtаnd thе thеоrіеѕ wіll bе mоrе equipped to gеnеrаtе сhаngе аnd grоwth іn thеіr lіvеѕ and businesses. #inspiration
wilson401719: Instead, have that burger and let your body know that you will continue to nourish and honor its needs as long as they are sensible and healthy.
theatre49458: Hey dude! How are things?
thu238655379: @investigatio In the six years they had been together he had only seen her cry one time. #facebook
jesus1168883: @mp6805950643 Hypnosis іѕ аn exercise or exercise іn іnvоlvіng оthеrѕ tо gеt a hypertension trаnсе.
muscles57928: Hi everyone. How have you all been?
architects67: @promises5344 In an ideal world, she'd just take this discreetly and feel better.
musical19066: @kelkoo849211 She thinks she may be headed toward the end of her life, but as she says, I've been here before. Once again, she's decided that given her diagnosis, ... #yoga
florist64114: @euro39254536 If you do that, then you can redirect accordingly.
publication8: @mem806476417 It sounded good to Brenda, so she went out and bought hot new cross-trainers and a cool, all-weather training suit in bold orange. #university
importantly6: @boost3660993 The majority of the time, the ways in which people cope with their anxiety is to avoid it altogether. #moan
research9904: Howdy! Anyone else here from Angus? #angus
separated126: Hi. What’s shaking in Bakewell? Anyone from there? #bakewell
tovmasyan211: @hands8091843 They had closed the subject. #wellness
italia399833: @enterprise28 Nеxt thіng уоu know you're ѕnеаkіng оut of thе house tо run dоwn tо the ѕtоrе оr lооkіng in thе сlоѕеt for lеft оvеr gіft...
spots3988297: @presenting75 Some moments I am angry, some moments I am sad. #mindset
dig757562947: When he taught her to hit a baseball, for example, he would praise her efforts.
direction281: Hi everyone. How’s everything in lovely Marianglas today? #marianglas
harmony70854: @lang31338866 Preparation is one of the best traits of an introvert so use it to your advantage!
fear11459205: G’day mate! What’s shaking in Marianglas? Anyone from there? #marianglas
beneath34089: @program41789 The Go for quantity, not quality rule helps set a common goal for the group, and it encourages a lot of positive energy.
generations7: @canada657254 Anthony the Hermit what had been the hardest obstacle that he found on the road to sanctity. #spiritualjourney
framework218: @refresh95702 Allow me to go ahead. #love
evaluations6: @floyd8708991 Once Amazon gets more data about you, their estimation of what you need as a customer moves closer to reality. #healing
pam783982269: @con406065268 Marie, who do you imagine breaks the news of your death to the kids?
funds2326261: @node18432640 In fact only recently in the West, particularly in America, a new sort of work has arisen that is for the body-oriented man.
michael72982: Chicago is one town that won't let you down, it's... this #quickquiz
colonial6617: @dollins64295 When this happens, you might feel flushed or sweaty or have an upset stomach. #twitter
v94636035242: I use mantras and positive affirmations and I'm always trying to be positive and give out good energy.
jurisdiction: Hello. How are things in Gwynedd? #gwynedd
starting9704: A.E. Housman “heard a wise man say , give crowns & pounds & guineas but not” this away #quickquiz
angle8861891: I wonder if you also might have trouble concentrating because of your depression and anxiety?
guests662914: @jr5758718934 From this clash arises something new or a new idea. #happy
liberia95195: Hiya. How’s everyone doing? Anyone else here from Felixstowe? #felixstowe
enables85268: @dodge2185122 We end up investing a little bit of our hopes and dreams into it, too.
culcasi50981: Hey there. What's the craic?
chorus848103: @lovers445857 So they form an activity which enlarges his self-space. #connect
prairie39497: @tabs51319456 Do you often wake up more than once at night?
midwest80006: Sup? It’s been a while.

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