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parliament94: @spirituality They are always hanging over my head, even at work.
likely206509: @classes42411 But, more broadly, we really need more serious investigation into how we treat mental illness that includes drugs, therapy and activity. #positivevibes
situation459: @mandate60193 Notice that the sensation is pure and devoid of all labels and images. #open
charged51487: Hey there. How’s things?
decide917882: @last26781035 The nerves in the brain convert the sensory signals into a form that can self-organize itself into stable patterns. #greenlifestyle
fuzzy4708904: @papers543179 The heart cannot understand the language of the head. #popular
tournaments1: @resources733 So while we can't literally rewrite the past, what we can do is change how we experience it and change what becomes part of our default mode going fo... #bhfyp
okaloosa1613: @rangers17222 I did not even have Atari pong. #connection
uri319840743: @studio667941 Yet we survived and thrived, maybe through pure instinct. #connection
showers15350: How do you do? How are you all?
smile9332954: In his memoir of how the great outdoors helped him recover from a mental breakdown, the writer Richard Mabey says his psychiatrist was always trying ...
milk84443229: @roy509080047 Then they start bringing other things into it, greater things, and all their differences immediately surface.
recognition3: @semiconducto Write your person's name in the top row of the box.
tear95140636: All patients should remember that they always have a choice, and if they choose this path, it should include deep excision if possible of all visible...
tanzania4411: Then a boat came floating downstream and struck my boat.
vibrator7601: @firewalk5796 They are doing it very well. #bepractical
amphitheatre: @blind3339309 How do you want others to see you? #family
pork79843853: @radiation131 Iѕ thе іntеrасtіоn аn attempt tо соmmunісаtе оr dоеѕ іt fееl lіkе a соntеѕt? #affirmations
mu2142462616: I don't see how this kid is ever going to make it in the world.
spectrum2299: @ordering1092 What we can do is simply let love start where it starts.
index7669345: @owns22614696 When stress overwhelms you, it's often because a combination of various stressors is bombarding you simultaneously.
obligation32: Whazzup? What's going on in Bordon? #bordon
sheffield745: @basename7656 You've done that before, right? #moan
seconds13656: @kinnison2899 They know this because experiments in animals have shown that if you feed them by the clock, all kinds of creatures, from fish to rats to turtles and... #valour
both84813782: Hey! How’s everyone doing? Anyone else here from Bordon? #bordon
trailers3749: @limitation44 Did she love him too? #twitter
craig8711748: Aloha. How’s your day?
argued316951: It's found in a list of antonyms of beneficial, & in medical texts before anemia #quickquiz
ieee23815935: @seeing252305 Essentially, this means that the subject was increasing their self-regulation and learning to identify and deal with the cause of their depression. #consciousness
teens5050118: @logistics633 What self-care is essential, is the time that we take to relax and participate in activities and hobbies that we enjoy.
extreme96986: @british78506 A fire's flames can be enticing to the eyes, and many find it relaxing to sit by a fire.
multnomah362: @torture28720 It takes a village, as they say.
timely552501: And it's not yours either.
majorga16237: Yo! It’s been a while.
appointments: Hey bro! What's happening in Hampshire on this fine day? #hampshire
lifetime7104: @latest565428 The more successful and popular you get, the more haters you'll have.
managing2176: Twin brothers, both named Antipholus, have slaves named Dromio who are also twins in this confusing comedy #quickquiz
reel31113069: @wholesale975 The difference is that the altruist is right and the paranoid sees only an image of himself. #music
expires75312: @espn70000540 So, by one token, if my brain was going to start looking as if it could navigate properly, it probably would have by then.
tba860419865: @davis6977008 But grappling is how we make meaningful gains in our skill set. #health
she463773313: @sunrise80398 Then it's Christmas, with all those boxes down from the attic, and…fuhgedaboudit.
treasury6535: @skip34199444 In the space below, write down your current or most recent courses and fill up the gas tank with how much effort you'll need to put into each class. ... #justbreathe
attention371: @imposed11234 You might not be superhuman but you do have the power to alter your mindset, improve your attitude, and change the way you take care of yourself.
safer3660224: @iraqi8577182 In the morning, you feel a small cramp on your side. #valour
shakespeare1: Aloha. How’s your day?
fu7693596538: Hiya. What's happening in Knaresborough on this fine day? #knaresborough
radical57693: @rachel380529 Mindfulness was actually associated with increased emotional engagement, more intimate contact with emotions and rapid recovery from distressing emot... #holistichealing
forward37734: Hi everyone. You alright?
cluster53231: @raise2616484 Although many of them still need to be identified and better understood, what we know so far is that at least some of them are powerful antioxidants ... #happy
essence60718: @marin6087282 Now, I quite often hear people discussing their depression or general mental health on the bus, in pool changing rooms and in pubs. #health
marilyn19659: @consistency7 Thіѕ іѕ аррlісаblе tо аll mеmbеrѕ оf thе fаmіlу аѕ wеll.
ix1903052229: A diagnosis is usually made when symptoms become problematic, leading a physician to order additional tests.
females25657: Hiya! How’s your day going?
awarded66002: @specialty987 That's why you can't outsmart them, you can't outrun them, and you certainly won't outlast them.
sufficient16: Hey bro! How’s life in Knaresborough? #knaresborough
leather69109: Hey buddy! How’s everything in lovely Isle of Lewis today? #isleoflewis
nearest53115: @arc128276287 Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow. #spiritual
markets92467: @chamber32043 'Good enough' parenting encourages compassionate and responsive care of a child, while also allowing them to experience difficulty and frustration wh... #greenlifestyle
cradle348804: @purple898270 I learned even more from these dates. #selfhelp
selections78: Howdy! How are you all?
americas2223: Sup? Well, look at you.
releases6893: @bawley945432 If you are trying to tell someone who has pain that they also have anxiety and you're not quite right, it is going to sound like you told the person ...
rv3668927025: Warship that was called The Cheesebox on a Raft #quickquiz
rm7415525255: @org644617426 Notice the air on your skin, the sensation of clothes against your body. #raiseyourvibration
coat88550055: @taringa62069 It саn аlѕо bе thе effect оf an еxіѕtіng соndіtіоn.
forced977118: @greg40820785 My mother would drop me off at an old Victorian house on O'Connell Avenue in Limerick and in I would go. #thatslife
officials535: Aloha. How you doing?
organized807: @going2141665 The Three-Part Breath forces you to locate certain muscles that facilitate deeper breaths (namely, the intercostal muscles) and control your primary ... #coordination
expenditures: @rolled717313 He, and they, were always welcomed by Rodney's mum. #balance
hansen959941: @movement7382 If уоu аrе рrоnе tо mаnірulаtіоn, thе fіrѕt step to brеаkіng frее is to rесоgnіzе the signs оf mаnірulаtіоn іn оt...
authority936: @knudtson1518 Making campus inclusive goes two ways. #reddit
publicity105: @aroona324869 Sometimes it feels as if circumstances are conspiring against us, and we find ourselves riveted in place. #innerpeace
tamworth7368: Sup? How’s everyone doing?
pets52523246: @lee587046065 A mаjоr fасtоr іn depression is feeling thаt you hаvе lіttlе or nо соntrоl over аn оngоіng unpleasant оr dаngеrоuѕ situation.
drug33201965: @debate531249 Backing out now would be even more humiliating than just standing there, frozen as I was. #love
horizon22144: @face54206878 Both of these can be taken in tea or capsule form.
lp9900623858: Wazzup? How's tricks in Ravenglass today? #ravenglass
toner6414869: Ahoy! Anyone else here from County Down? #countydown
sapphire5413: Yo! How’s things?
paying186346: @cruise588141 When we enter the fight-or-flight mode, the cascade of stress hormones activates our body to pump out inflammatory chemicals, such as cytokines, whic... #spirituality
eddie3621920: @cass11328328 They felt just as powerful as when they first hit five years earlier.
ramsey321990: You will feel drained when you are in social situations.
nest65552560: @wells1417963 What were the results? #wellnessblogger
lakes3755810: Hey man! How’s everyone doing? Anyone else here from Ravenglass? #ravenglass
brands395335: @madrid271982 In fact, if he had typical Canadian health care benefits from his employer, the majority of the entire cost of treatment would be covered. #wild
athens106472: @specialists3 You can recap your day, talk about your feelings, explore your problems, or all of the above.
supreme30158: You may get the call to be this person who does religious work overseas, from the Latin for send #quickquiz
burton804463: Hey y’all! How are things in County Down? #countydown
dom252824117: @hose97915738 That was one of my limiting beliefs.
still1515353: @johnny491966 She was feeling better enough to start referring to her illness in the past tense. #energyhealing
mba969006390: @boulder65339 Dignity is the point at which self-love is the same as happiness. #discussion
nicholas2365: @thick5823869 I guess I'd just quit. #health
namibia15819: @yoga85352955 Imagine if we ran grocery stores like we ran health care. #holistichealth
infectious35: @blank2701406 We all know how useful they are in the kitchen, but theyre also marvellous at grounding someone who is outside and working in the garden.
woolamai6983: Cywydd, a verse form featuring rhyming couplets, comes from this British Isles country #quickquiz
tt1136696070: @delaware2158 Pastas made from flour derived from amaranth, brown rice, or quinoa are all excellent alternatives to regular white flour pasta made from semolina an...
naifeh282875: @failure17198 Now, let's see what happens when she gives a presentation. #energyhealing
renew3724501: @resolution17 He knows only heat; he does not know the soothing coolness of being a buddha.
entertainmen: @lil400276283 In doing so, you educate them on what works well for you and what doesn't. #music
liable545377: @lc5629355471 If a patient's automatic thought does not contain a catastrophe, it is often useful to ask the patients about their worst fear. #higherconsciousness

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