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screensaver4: @cabinets2119 New York has a similar bustle to it and, aside from Central Park, its not known for being a garden city. #bepractical
spatial63845: @agata7636023 No matter what kind of illness you're dealing with, tackling inflammation so your immune system can do its job is key to opening up more avenues to h...
andrion98816: Good habits make proper living easy and after a time even pleasant, though there may have been considerable difficulty in the performance of the acts...
biggest38424: @keilor892087 Secondly, it was a moment where my body took over and I kind of sat back as a passenger and felt my face heating up beyond anything I'd experienced b... #justbreathe
za2397697009: @butt18776601 We bad-mouth people we don't like. #covid
trends610263: @nipple887595 Create a practice of stillness every day to simply meditate on the events of the day. #yoga
efficiency68: @pushed617654 Wide stairways encourage serendipitous conversations among people from different departments. #nourishyourself
disclaimer80: @coupon966594 It may be an order he has to obey or a problem that he has to solve.
thunder43636: Hey dude! How's tricks in Dunbar today? #dunbar
payne2934136: I found a hornbeam which was clearly struggling to make its way in the shade of a mature oak.
linux7473554: @space7721350 When you catch yourself being too self-critical, just imagine how you would talk to someone you really care about. #youareamazing
blocks981115: @runnymede137 How can you allow this new perspective to help you in the future?
quad94987652: Wazzup? Nice to see you all.
brookhill806: Neither shall they say, Lo here!
norm62001770: @impressed906 Have you been feeling more depressed, about the same, or less depressed? #raiseyourvibration
billing22710: @typing415290 Practice consciously viewing your feelings differently than you have in the past. #mindboggling
favourite711: @basketball60 But keeping myself out of sight from others didn't make my own eyes any more forgiving. #meetup
helmet339807: @donna8778466 You know, it's probably hard for you to remember to give yourself credit outside of our session.
italian92085: @seniff664545 Being someone who has the great qualities of an introvert who also accesses situations like an extrovert is beneficial. #wellness
cuts51153832: The science of climate & weather #quickquiz
posing746899: @jumping66687 If it's easier, make small notes about your thoughts in a different area of your journal so you can remember them for later.
greenhills35: @became248653 I told my brother the truth about what I thought of his relationship because I believe it's important to be honest with the people we love. #music
document7889: @strategic916 Doctors and scientists were finally free to explore the biological mechanisms of the human body, and with that, the mechanisms of disease. #spiritualjourney
extract40851: @incredible14 Until we understand our differences, we won't understand each other, and as long as we don't understand each other, we are divided. #mindbodyspirit
proposal9088: G’day mate! How’s your day?
solo98331476: How do you do? What's happening in Hertfordshire on this fine day? #hertfordshire
aerospace111: @depression41 But, recently, there have been a few tantalizing clues that they might have something to do with learning as well.
chatnow39015: @ipod77883224 Our mental health is being threatened like never before.
results64616: @mating890968 Not only must a male appear attractive to a female in the group, but he also must compete with the other males for her attention.
hence6222502: @rogers723412 Georgia is a good mother.
butterfly340: Hey! Long time no see.
toxic4295142: On Feb. 14, 1876 Elisha Gray was a few hours behind this man at the U.S. Patent Office, filing a speech-transmitting device #quickquiz
mins63986625: @disposal8115 That kind of thoughtless talk made her retreat to her bedroom. #bhfyp
pursuit90005: @turn32772123 They are also a source of inspiration to others working around them. #energyhealing
selections78: Hey buddy! How’s life?
told89046245: @instrumental They demonstrate that subjects who used the 5 Steps in the Neurocycle app transitioned from awareness of their toxic thinking without a mind-managemen... #yoga
poll47786077: Hey there. Anyone else here from Dyfed? #dyfed
lovestump738: @andrews25942 If that's how you're feeling, then know that you are in good company.
const7212965: @nuclear24932 Do not rush to make something permanent. #healthylifestyle
montrose5220: @reload404781 Man is born broken. #discussion
own315327043: @lawyers73403 Challenges are part and parcel of any endeavor. #spiritualjourney
md1839961974: @bailey394511 Remember, to find your bliss, we've got to follow your blisters. #selfcare
exemption409: @describing28 What is your self-sabotage trying to show you about your life or get you to deal with? #psyche
list37515793: @rant95609518 It needs to be felt, honored, and expressed. #healthandwellness
maleny100474: @admit9774093 If not, then that's okay.
bird36145932: @palestine848 Yet we have on average sixty thousand thoughts per day and 80 percent of them are negative.1 We walk around judging others and looking for what's wron... #meditation
scales463527: @retro8783447 Let's change things a bit, Dad. #meditation
medic8203792: @seem80588790 It is really painful, and I think it's too much to be alone in.
reefs2934609: @wide59270803 Until that age the child projects his own sense of right and left onto the other person. #mentalhealth
valley717729: @seconds13656 My ex-husband and I mutually agreed to end the marriage.
errors910232: Aloha. What's the craic?
launches4301: @gotten644801 My wife knows full well it's best not to engage me until I've at least eaten breakfast and had my morning coffee.
possibly6382: I would ask her, ‘Why do you think that?' And she would do the same with me, George explained.
homes9849333: This had just become a federal prison when Al Capone was transferred there in 1934 #quickquiz
sources73609: What’s up buttercup? Anyone from Runcorn on #runcorn
seeking15598: Ahoy! How’s everything in lovely Runcorn today? #runcorn
baker9084383: @lets12931515 Kim flew out the door and brought the hall monitor into the office, and he admitted he had not let Mirana pass. #together
pulse2053944: We become balanced and coordinated in life when we create integration.
jvc850869840: @precise39211 Lydia was waiting in the reception area for a man called Brad, a soon-to-be-colleague at the same level as Lydia, who was to induct her into the orga...
entzi9084456: @laid49140305 It turns out that advanced imaging techniques like those contraptions I was asked to stick my head into are finally allowing doctors to better diagno...
costa7996901: @white1166826 Empty trashcans as frequently as possible. #family
forward37734: @beta78064801 When she came to be analyzed, she was unmarried and childless, and her dress was rather shabby and inconspicuous . #greenlifestyle
pimpimbudgee: @beef67125776 When you are giving a speech, accept that you will make mistakes.
boundaries96: @amplifier530 When we come to sift everything down which will enable us to live wholesome, steady, every-day, interesting lives, plain common sense seems to be the...
hull72155356: Add this letter to star & get something harsh or grim #quickquiz
testament571: Hi there. What's the craic?
diversity644: Aloha. What's going on in Gwynedd? #gwynedd
for535576023: Hey bro! Long time no see.
thu238655379: Hey man! How’s life?
vock78655653: Hey dude! Anyone else here from Gwynedd? #gwynedd
chronicle244: @close8660225 Sometimes a relationship with a narcissist is so eroded that the best thing you can do for yourself is to set limits or exit the relationship.
expressed414: @appeal783668 By having a more empathetic viewpoint, you keep the connection, even if the other person's personality is your polar opposite.
test97929031: This is a good agreement to have for the rest of your life.
netscape4691: @bogacz333336 Yоur beliefs are fоrmеd frоm еxреrіеnсеѕ, observations аnd generalizations. #health
trusts215219: Hey girl! How’s everyone doing? Anyone else here from Brechin? #brechin
martin217939: There are many people with beliefs that seem crazy to others.
postposted24: Hi there. What’s shaking in Brechin? Anyone from there? #brechin
el1693524132: Yo! Anyone from Hampshire on #hampshire
mess80430377: @reseller7350 This sport can save your life, but it has its own risks too: starting swimming in the middle of the winter is very unwise, as is swimming alone in co...
hall15357601: Yоu'rе thе іnvоlvеd раrtісіраnt in thіѕ.
jelsma591194: @tape49347075 For example, I know that you and Abe never had a close relationship and that he bears some responsibility for that.
oscar4387287: Hey! How’s things in Hampshire? #hampshire
acts21332322: @wrapping6334 It's an interaction between a person and a text, between a speaker and a listener, between the designer and the person who's using a particular produ...
loading40366: @florence3573 Onсе thеу gоt thе сuѕtоmеr'ѕ nаmе thеу rереаtеdlу ѕау the сuѕtоmеr'ѕ nаmе іn a frіеndlу, uttеrlу соnvіnсіng...
properly3195: @boob11351528 Immature Defenses #mindbodyspirit
generators51: @thinks616723 When you do not recoil from your own thoughts, they lose their power.
struck336169: @raises991921 Taking a deep breath in, lift your arms over your head, and put your palms together. #liveinspired
bloom3138650: I talk about the immediate circle because they are the people you get to choose, your friends to be specific.
particles222: @log969279808 How often do you work out?
outlook36729: @permitted684 Try to identify the things that you want and need now.
arise2759320: In an 1880 letter, Queen Victoria referred to this successor of Disraeli as a half-mad fire brand #quickquiz
mild85709858: @inventory884 I retreat deep into myself and feel resistant if people try to coax me out.
detector3960: There are robust efforts going into the coding.
leuenberger1: Ahoy soc.ial mates! How’s everything in lovely Dollar today? #dollar
dicks8476579: @hub475043241 Consider yourself atypical. #instagram
rocks3741856: @peeing209560 We did this for several weeks and it actually became incredibly funny.
hong35941511: @namespace817 For example, when Mahri was a kid, her mom would get caught up in excessive planning as a way to try to control her situations. #higherconsciousness
clock6124137: Wazzup? Anyone from Dollar on #dollar
containing34: @girls7097397 Wise Mind demonstrates mindful compassionate awareness. #holistic
tender666342: @opinions1296 Give yourself a sticker for being you. #university

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