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notebooks602: @proceed81480 Exercise your mind constantly.
stuck2928647: Hey dude! How’s life in Warwickshire? #warwickshire
hammer196693: Buddha never told a joke, Krishna never told a joke. #holisticliving
appearing321: You don't need to go to a therapist to have this hypnosis done, however. #covid
ways45449322: @tables597500 Expectations may also involve the approval, attention or affection of others.
parker140344: Ahoy soc.ial mates! What's going on in Lanarkshire? #lanarkshire
noble6317517: She seemed thrilled and honestly impressed that I had gotten anyone to answer the phone, let alone talk to me about sperm facials. ... #nourishyourself
serial319935: @exams6727851 Closing the cave
walnut929169: @dangerous606 They would rather be ill and suffering, and believe themselves to have strong characters than to look the weakness of their characters in the face, o... #wisdom
clinton81843: When we're relaxed, our breathing is completely different compared to when we're actively going about our day or under stress. ... #together
judge1770789: Maybe I had endo angels who knew something about my fertility that I didn't and planted this seed in my young mind....
tutorials715: Maugham: The Moon and _____ #quickquiz
questionnair: Ahoy! It’s been a while.
beta78064801: @knowing59158 She's one of those great doctors fighting the good fight as an excision surgeon in the operating room and is working hard for better care and more com...
services1461: @washer324459 With the help of her mom, Dan, and a few Salvation Army pickups, the house has been cleared. #happy
compute61661: Hey bro! What's happening?
exception768: How you talk to yourself is one of the most overlooked yet powerful forces that shapes our daily life.... #mentalhealth
carter268332: @shipments791 Do you often find yourself repeating past experiences and patterns in your day-to-day life? #wellness
hartford9340: Hi. What’s shaking in Lanarkshire? Anyone from there? #lanarkshire
increases841: @fee645439976 The truth is that there was so much I could have done to lift myself up and out.
rejected3720: Hiya! Alright mates?
understood24: @christopher3 Only ensure that you uphold the reformed you so you do not end up losing another job. #covid
ex1638040614: This angel's announcement to Mary that she'd bear the Son of God appears only in Luke's gospel #quickquiz
newfoundland: @tourist13155 With love, stress levels are lowered along with stress hormones, memory and mood improve, wounds heal better and faster, and cardiovascular function ...
kevin2642370: Your body and mind are also your home and can be made free of stress and worry within five to thirty seconds as you imagine being within a protective ...
athens106472: As you can see, that only tells you half the story.
biol41507852: @loading40366 If the boat sinks, neither you nor your partner makes it, no matter how much you stand for yourself or the other person. ... #bodymind
square964323: @ghz660563121 And consider the fact that Grandma Moses, the famous American artist, didn't start painting in earnest until the age of seventy-eight. ...
muslims71877: In addition to Goodbye, Columbus & The Anatomy Lesson, he wrote The Breast #quickquiz
point3789377: @police539956 Get started and don't give up until you've completed your goal!
directive209: Hey buddy! Anyone from Banff on #banff
footwear5658: @hamilton2606 Some people think that disagreements and arguing mean that a relationship is not going to work out. #moan
herself52149: Hi everyone. What's up in Banff? #banff
heath2601031: As she had at age 20, Plath again began neglecting her personal self. #cleanliving
albany510976: Rita Moreno is featured as silent screen siren Zelda Zanders in this Gene Kelly musical #quickquiz
consultants4: Compromise with some sort of fusion. #holistichealing
aud245674375: @dynamics2038 Grief is not complicated or prolonged.
rhode7512877: @goondi325938 You mustered all your strength and got back on the bike.
faster952820: @convenience8 Well, maybe we should see a doctor to get some reassurance that you are not going to snap and do something horrible. ... #connection
lindsay39980: Hi. How are you all holding up?
mathematics9: @unlike208893 We do not see God, but we do feel and know so much that we may fairly believe to be of God that we do not need to see Him face to face. ... #fitness
side74813051: @essentials27 You may lose many people along the way as they won't understand your decisions. #facebook
recognition3: @tm6472781103 The irony was that Kate knew she was going into worry overdrive sometimes, but she felt powerless to stop and so, like many high functioning people,... #holistic
walking15460: Aloha. Anyone else here from Lanarkshire? #lanarkshire
archive11005: Hey dude! How’s life in Lanarkshire? #lanarkshire
tied26633029: Hiya! What’s shaking in Banff? Anyone from there? #banff
letting42916: In the dictionary, worry is defined as both a noun (I am free of worry) and as a verb (e.g., I worry about my children)....
beliefs15858: Parents whose divorces have created a profound change in the quality of their relationship with their child.... #family
day657911159: In 1952 Kemmons Wilson opened the first motel in this chain, on the outskirts of Memphis #quickquiz
controlling6: @herrera52583 You'll find yourself on the top of your to-do list when it comes to taking actions and making choices, not wondering what others need, but what feels...
crown5445272: Father Lawrence Jenco, the Reverend Benjamin Weir, & David Jacobsen #quickquiz
penrith44242: @screening212 The main message that the vagus nerve sends is to calm down. #balance
follow661494: @redeem472925 Can you tell him that's not true? #reddit
eco284299609: Do you have a stress-management plan? #raiseyourvibrations
maintained14: You can’t eat better, stop drinking, love your partner, or improve yourself in any way until you become transparent to yourself.... #holistic
reprints3794: @maine5987417 And then, after you read them I Love You, Stinky Face, you muster up the strength to do online classes until you drop....
kundabung132: @usually20115 It would be a testing time for any human. #healthyliving
chemical9327: @instructions They gave out free coffee and donuts to encourage questions and open dialogue. #music
violet953007: Look for the missing U in this airline when you spend 2,352 Aussie bucks (as of June '08) to fly from Sydney to Seattle #quickquiz
kimberly8800: @commons73336 It іѕ grеаt іn аn аrgumеnt аѕ уоu саn huff аnd рuff аnd ѕау thіngѕ thаt lіtеrаllу fоrсе the other реrѕоn tо tаkе... #girl
kijiji291538: In 2010 this Spaniard exceeded $10 million in tournament earnings & was the world's No. 1 ranked player #quickquiz
grevillia706: Paula made it through the divorce and the humiliation of being labeled a gold digger. The gift of Paula's fury was that it propelled her to stand up f... #family
atomic858724: There is hope, however.
louisiana471: @chelsea97843 Furthermore, are not career consolidation and generativity only relevant to upper-middle-class technocrats?... #music
belly3664774: @contractor74 Something about that storm washed away hope and now everybody's serious. #nature
began9898378: Hi there. How’s life?
socialgossip: @kenny2035735 That's not always going to be true, but most of the time it will be. #love
impossible32: @polyphonic14 I had a finite amount of cash in my wallet and had to make it last. #fitness
yr5679856967: @heather99202 You are more than likely going to let yourself down, and thus, feel more discouraged.
excitement25: Being alone in the middle of the woods was less of a Thoreauvian fantasy than a modern-day nightmare in the making....
florence3573: @lifetime7104 Take responsibility for the ways you participate in the negativity with your child. #body
fragrances36: @boutique8231 Get back to socializing?
au9845666333: Just watch, aloof, distant, as if you have nothing to do with it.
peterson9280: @loves2138804 However, infants 15 months of age choose cooperative altruistic behavior over aggressive competitive behavior. Other studies suggest that when adults...
arms73255181: What’s up buttercup? Good to see you all.
bonds2848796: @actress26298 Awareness of the need for wellness, self-reflective practice, and ongoing evaluative behaviors are an integral part of maintaining counselor wellness... #holistichealing
street535205: Co-parents do this to proactively minimize confusion and conflicts. #mentalhealth
lots64710891: Hey! Everything OK?
pcs754645291: The family members can bow their heads and thank the farmer who planted and harvested their food, the truckers who shipped it to market, and the loca... #bodymind
engage938813: The exciting truth is no thing is fixed. #reddit
fraser198705: @giving265646 So instead, I want you to just try to remember that bodies can be noisy.
angeles45004: @charts315587 The effects of heredity are less transient. #holistichealth
cooking95421: @innovative84 To have a chiseled and sculpted body, you need to remove the layer of accumulated fat that covers up your muscles. ... #holistichealth
celebrity195: @hottest86569 Physiological responses such as heart rate, blood pressure, and hormone and biomarker levels or healthcare outcomes such as the need for medications ...
mario9118662: Ahoy! How’s everything in lovely Banff today? #banff
retrieval527: The result is relief, not guilt.
mere62614060: In houses we find broken hearts, worry, nervous prostration, because there is idleness, artificiality and aimlessness. ... #art
taketa241116: Spend a night on Brasstown Bald Mountain & you're at the high point of this peachy state #quickquiz
speeds784078: @regions76562 Step one is simply to throw all three balls in the air and let them drop. #health
jelsma591194: @abstracts117 As you move and are still, you are building another way to ground your body, be more present, and ultimately embrace more happiness. ...
covering8325: Yo! Everything OK?
fine37393982: @boys57847294 He had recently started to experience panic attacks at the very thought of the upcoming legal process.... #positivevibes
stud89789827: He became wealthy by selling engravings of his works such as A Rake's Progress #quickquiz
cooling26697: Ahoy soc.ial mates! How’s things in Banff? #banff
edited157153: For a business letter, if you don't have one of these preprinted name & address displays, type that info 4-6 lines from the top #quickquiz
nickel864153: France's tallest waterfall, Gavarnie Falls, is fed by a Spanish lake in this mountain range #quickquiz
yemen7128516: We don't want those gifts to pass us by.
cleaner64875: @fallen900152 The multiple environmental impacts of any trauma experienced in childhood may be worsened or mediated, depending on developmental stage, risk factors...
maiden596831: @occupied1442 Also used is riding the wave, which means recognizing that a discomfort is transient and riding it out until an individual can process the situation ...
passengers38: @widely359392 I feel so bad she can't eat anything!

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